About Us

The Sundae Palace is a small shop that has been servicing Long Island and Queens, New York, community for over 45 years with gourmet chocolates, chocolate pops, centerpieces and chocolate making supplies... all made with the love and care by our talented staff. At the Sundae Palace we treat each order as if we were making it for our own family".

The Sundae Palace was established in 1977 by a mother and daughter partnership. In 2008, the store was purchased by another family... this time it was three sisters that grew up right in the neighborhood. The trio had always been into making edible favors, mostly chocolates, for those special events for family and friends. The siblings visited the Sundae Palace for supplies, so it seemed to be the perfect fit when the previous owner was ready to sell.

The three sisters also knew it was meant to be because one sister wrote an article when she was ten years old for Kidsday (Newsday) about their favorite hangout... The Sundae Palace. Little did she know that one day, over 30 years later, she would come to own the Sundae Palace with her two sisters... I guess that is what you call “meant to be.”

Today, the Sundae Palace provides much more than just chocolates. Whether a wedding, new baby, birthday, religious event, graduation, or anniversary, the Sundae Palace will make your memorable event even SWEETER.