Whatever the Holiday, the Sundae Palace is where to find great chocolate gift ideas from lovely centerpieces, chocolate gift baskets, beautifully detailed pops and much more. The Sundae Palace caters to all holiday events including, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Easter, Passover, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

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Turkey Pop (front facing)
This front facing Turkey Pop is sold as decorated. Choose Milk or Dark Chocolate in Pop Fill Color O..
Turkey Pop (side view)
This little Turkey Pop is sold as decorated. Choose Milk or Dark Chocolate in Pop Fill Color Option...
4 Compartment Tray
Circular container filled with milk and dark handmade nonpariels and milk and dark solid foil hearts..
6 oreo box
6 milk chocolate dipped oreos decorated with valentines day sugars and sprinkles ..
Dozen chocolate covered pretzels
12 assorted chocolate covered pretzels (6 milk, 4 dark, and 2 white) decorated with valentine's ..
Heart Hot Chocolate Bomb for 2
Peanut and TreeNut free large heart shaped hot cocoa bomb able to feed 2! Made with milk chocolate a..
Red lip chocolate covered Oreo
Oreo covered in milk chocolate with a thin layer of red chocolate to make the lips extra perky! Pean..
Smashable Chocolate Heart
Large Hollow milk chocolate heart filled with foiled milk chocolate roses and sold with a pink choco..
Solid Foil Hearts
Solid milk or dark chocolate hearts covered in valentine's day colored foils. Peanut and Tree Nu..
White chocolate hollow heart filled with strawberry sugar rock candy and marshmallows, sealed and de..
Valentine's Day Basket
Filled with two valentine's themed chocolate pops, 3 milk chocolate dipped pretzel rods, two mil..